Thursday, April 28, 2011

Analog Vs. Digital

Emily Rooney

A senior in Photography at Tyler, Emily's senior show only had a few pieces of photography on display. Other than the photography, she had objects that were placed on a rolled out mat. Objects like a strap on penis amid old rotting grapes. That was just in one room, in another room, she had a huge basin/tub, and all the wall was hanging out flag with the yin and yang symbol on it. In the last room was a film playing, with a asian man singing and an african woman dancing. 
    The piece probably had something to do with gender, race, religion, identity in general, because there were aspects of all of them in her piece. 

Inside of a room looking outside of the room

Head I by Francis Bacon

       At the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, there lies a piece of artwork amid a myriad of many pieces of artwork. For some reason though, this lone piece, on the corner of a wall in the modern section particularly drew my attention. Maybe it was because of its placement in the room, but i doubt it. It was in the middle of the room, but on the corner of a wall jutting out to split the room in half. The thing that mainly drew me to this piece were the beautiful teeth sticking sideways in this strange person's head.
       I thoroughly enjoy modern millie. I mean modern art. So of course i was drawn to most artwork in this section of the museum, but Head 1 by good old Francis was like looking at a painting of a Jan Svankmajer film, or looking at a painting that i wish i would have painted myself. Just like looking at Jan Svankmajer films are films i wish i would have animated.
       The two corners created by the white lines in this piece create a very interesting composition where the viewer eyes can travel up to the negative space and then back down to the head. Then the White glob under the head pulls the eyes downward and to the beautiful texture at the bottom of the painting.
       AND! this painting is so weird. Something that i have been thinking about lately is the creative aspect of art. This assignment is for an observational drawing course, and of course creativity is necessary and so is a good eye for composition that is visually pleasing, and color, and a lot of other things. But sometimes when i see artwork that is just observational work, i just don't find it as impressive as artwork that is strange, and is more from someone's head, not from observation. It's more impressive to be creative than to just copy what is already in front of you.
       This is just how i feel, i don't claim that these comments are correct, because i'm sure for some one else, they find observation more impressive because it shows off drawing skills or something like that.

Figure Drawing

Black as the FUCKING night.
Soooo black, can barely see what's going on.